The work group findings plays with the scaling of the photographic image. 
Their motifs irritate in that the precise reproduction of a micro-object challenges its recognizability and reformulates it under aesthetic principles. The representation of their materiality, which deliberately locates itself on a precarious border between representationalism and abstraction, plays with the notion of trace and imprint. Detached from their original context, 36 photographs in the large tableau arrange themselves into an overall image and, as figuratively realistic views of objects, suggest an abstract-formal reading. In this reading, the arrangement of the images is given top priority, as neighboring relationships are worked out, family resemblance is sought (Ludwig Wittgestein), and formal proximity is examined. An unfinished play of consonance and dissonance arises.

Findings (copper)

each 40 X 40 cm, as tableau 180 X 180 cm
Archival Inkjet Pigment-Print
single framed