stone pieces











Material and haptic qualities characterize the work stone pieces. Based on the idea that, photography as a technical medium, depicts reality perse, the photographs cause a skepticism in the eye of the viewer about the realistic reproduction of things, although the motifs are lifelike reproductions of reality. The focus of the image is not the objects depicted, but the surfaces that become the picture plane.
A doubt about the physical presence of the objects arises, thus dissolving the identity between surface and body.

The video projections, which start at two motifs of the 8-part picture tableau, attempt to further dissolve the surface identity in favor of the drawing.

Stone pieces
# 1-8
each 70 X 40 cm
anlog c- print framed with shadow gap

Times images from 2009 aim to open up the boundaries between the still and the moving image, with the idea of questioning the media-immanent properties of photography and exploring new limits. Using the technique of video projection, the continuous sequence of images intervenes in the still image, altering its predominantly formal, abstract status. New reference systems and associative spaces open up and reinterpret the image.
stone pieces attempt to trace photography as a graphic recording medium. Reciprocally to horizon, the borderline between the concrete, realistic representation of the objects and a possible abstraction is opened in the image itself; with the temporal change of the image, the conundrum between a finely nuanced, documentary photography and a painterly-graphic aesthetic begins.

exhibition views
Städtische Galerie Schloss Borbeck, Essen, 2013
digital c-print with video projektion / print 4