notation is based on a collaboration with the Romanian composer Violeta Dinescu. A total of twenty works deal with her works Dialogo, Echoes I, Cyclotron and Din Cimpoiu.
The background of this cooperation is the strong connection between painting and music since the 19th century. The immateriality of music, its independence from the world of the visible, helped painting and graphic art in particular to achieve a break through into non-objectivity. The works on the subject of notation, on the one hand, as directives to the work of Dinescu’s, tie in with the tradition of dialogue between painting and music, and on the other hand, they pursue original questions of abstraction within art, here: photography.
The works on notation try to approach by means of various elements and forms, like music, the ambiguous world of the indeterminate. Furthermore, it was obvious to use the photographs as fragments for a cinematic image sequence parallel to the respective pieces of music.

100 X 140 cm
digital c-print